about telligent

International Voice Process

We are currently promoting sales for AT&T. We understand every business’s different needs and work in close association with our clients, providing them with reliable and scalable business solutions.We have an in – house quality assurance team, which enables us to maintain our international standards of quality. Such stringent commitment to the highest standards of quality has enabled us to ensure quicker turn around times.

Towards triumph

To create world class business development over all voice process across globe.

To ensure quality of our services along with the clients towards the fulfilment of the customer needs.

To enrich the resources globally and acquire top level over the voice process.

  • Healthcare
  • US Staffing
  • Sales Promotion

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at Telligent is about automated workflow and embedded analytics that reduce manual work. Our analysts know that they are not just there to listen. They are there to follow and implement the Six Sigma principle of: Define Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.