Office IT Setup & Relocation

First We offer you a complex IT infrastructure setup and relocation service. Moving your company to another office always involves a lot of issues, such as the preparation of a Structured Cabling System (SCS), searching and contracting with an Internet service provider, servers and IT equipment dismantling, as well as assemblage, connection and testing of all systems on the new site. Also, our clients often have to transfer the security system (video surveillance system (VSS), access control system (ACS) as well or build it from the ground up. We will handle these issues for you!

Our IT migration and office setup service comprises the following works:

  • Charge-free IT audit of the current systems
  • Recommendations on the IT infrastructure upgrade and maintenance cost minimizations
  • IT equipment tagging and documenting
  • Preparation of the transfer plan
  • Design, installation and testing of SCS in the new office
  • Searching and contracting with an Internet service provider
  • Dismantling of the equipment in the old office
  • Assemblage and connection of the IT equipment in the new office
  • Preparation of design and installation of VSS and/or ACS (optional)
  • Switching particular IT services to the Cloud