Network Security

As a modern business grows, so does its computer network, including elements of critical importance. Large and small companies all over the world take advantage of such features and solutions as email and voiceover communication, electronic document exchange, brochure websites, online shops, etc. and all of these require high-level network security as a basic component. A strong and secure network information security requirements refer to is paramount for a smooth business operation. The need for network security is growing exponentially in the modern world and, without exaggeration, becomes one of the top priorities of every business. The cost of a single security breach may be too high; in some circumstances, it may exceed the total revenue of a small company, and has long-term repercussions for large corporations in the form of the brand reputation damage and loss of customers’ trust. On the other hand, a tangible reduction of security risks may even become a valuable marketing point.

What is NSS

Essentially, Network Security Services (NSS) is an array of software resources intended to support the development and operation of secure applications. A number of security standards and protocols are used for it. These services are highly important for computer & network security and widely provided nowadays for both business and home environment.

Network Security Services identify and protect your network from attacks, preventing unauthorized users, devices and data, and include network management security tools. Typically, security services in network security systems perform the following tasks:

  • Identify threats and risks and inform the network security manager of a suspicious activity;
  • Identify and authorize users and control their access to software and data;
  • Filter the web traffic in order to prevent visiting dangerous or unauthorized websites;
  • Provide the immediate security response to identified threats.

What We Do With NSS

First Our experts will bring the network and information security settings and equipment of your business up to date, either as a specific project or as a part of overall improvement and modernization program that we can plan and implement for your company. In either case, the security network services provided will fit the requirements of your business. The security services network infrastructure needs also depend on its type and configuration, and we are always careful to consider these details when planning a professional solution specifically tailored for you company.