Data Center

Numerous companies require a data center to handle all data flows efficiently and safely. Every data center is unique in its infrastructure, and each customer has specific requirements in terms of cost, capacity, operation speed, etc. You can rely on offers advanced data center with the use of reliable and powerful equipment from world’s best manufacturers and utilizing innovative, cost and energy efficient consolidation techniques.

Custom Data Center Design

We do not offer a universal solution for all needs, as it is highly important to get maximum of performance for specific budget. That is why we always offer a solution that covers requirements of specific business and doesn’t make a customer pay for unneeded resources. Our data center solutions correspond to the highest standards and demands, including:

  • Deploying powerful data centers in limited space – get maximum from the space you have due to the highest possible hardware optimization;
  • Fast deployment and easy maintenance – modern equipment helps to deploy fully working data processing systems at minimum time;
  • Cost efficiency – First our experts make your investments in data center fully justified, without extra charges for the resources your system doesn’t need. The data center budget is well-thought and laconic;
  • High reliability with smart risk management and efficient recovery systems – the risk of financial loss due to data center disruptions is minimized.

Data Center Maintenance and Upgrading

First we work on data centers is not limited by design and deployment. Highly qualified specialists provide ongoing support and maintenance service as well as upgrading on request. First we will extend the data center facilities, if your business capabilities grow and require more data processing resources. Flexible data center solutions are easily enlarged due to well-thought expandable infrastructure. Trust your data center to experienced, qualified specialists from First Telligent.