First we offer pre-validated, corporate data security solutions optimized for the needs of a specific enterprise. There is no data resource in business that doesn’t require protection. However, different types of data require different protection mechanisms, and that is why our data protection systems are based on the following principles:

  • We base each data security project on thorough customer’s infrastructure analysis and risk assessment;
  • We combine numerous protection means into a one unite system that smoothly works as a part of IT system;
  • We use the best software and hardware products from highly reputed manufacturers;
  • We thoroughly test the deployed security system in action to prove its efficiency;
  • We practice only scalable solutions that are easy to extend or upgrade within the changes in business needs.

Data Protection

We take care about protecting each kind of data resources in the network and strengthen hardware security to minimize the risk of data damage due to equipment failures. One of the most important chains in this mechanism is database security, backup and recovery systems. We deploy such tools to work on the background and prevent any problems with data caused by human factor. It will be always possible to restore earlier database versions in case of problems. The sensitivity of security system can be adapted to customer’s needs.