Data Security & Theft Prevention

One of the main problems related to corporate information is the risk of theft. Corporate secrets are a highly valuable resource for competitors and hackers, and it is essentially important to provide proper data security from theft. First our team has huge experience in this area, as our engineers successfully deploy such protection systems to enterprises. The efficiency of our anti-theft solutions for corporate data is proven with the time. Our customers get a set of options for data theft prevention that form reliable security and simplify data processing at the same time. Efficient security can be very lightweight and operation without affecting the data flow and important business processes.

Correct Protection for Each Resource

Usually there are data resources with different levels of sensitivity. Accordingly, they require different security approaches that are obtained by:

  • Correct access management and distribution of permissions;
  • Firewall protection;
  • Antivirus protection;
  • Data backup and archiving;
  • Data security policy integration.
  • Adaptive

Financial Data Security

Any business deals with external financial services sharing numerous financial details via internet and other data exchange channels. If you need to strengthen data security in financial services, First we offer highly efficient data encryption mechanisms that make it impossible to steal valuable financial information. This makes using external financial services maximally safe.