Initial services

First our specialists have solid expertise in server room design and ready to assist your company in obtaining a secure, reliable and high-performance server room setup. Whether you are looking for upgrading your current hardware or design a completely new server room from scratch, our experience will help you to get proper implementation of your plans. First we offer the following services:

  • Developing a server room plan according to your technical requirements;
  • Server hardware and software installation in accordance with the produced plan;
  • Supplying the full range of server room equipment;
  • Providing technical support and maintenance.

Predesign and Planning

The initial phase of server room development is planning. First we professionals analyze all customer requirements producing an efficient technical solution, plan of its implementation and detailed cost estimation. These server room planning measures help to optimize further implementation in terms of cost-efficiency ratio.


First we pays much attention at providing hardware stability. It is essential for server room organization, as this part of IT facilities has an increased power demand and requires proper power distribution system. Another key point for server room operation stability is ventilation system: powerful cooling system provides suitable conditions for stable round-the-clock operation. The server hardware itself must comply with high standards and satisfy requirements in data processing speed and capacity. All these factors are taken into account when setting up a server room by a custom design.


This is an onsite service, and to maintain it our team of specialists will arrive to your office to prepare the room for equipment installation with start-up and adjustment work. We design server room individually on each order, to deliver a result that fully matches custom needs of our client. As a result you receive highly optimized technical solution at the best price.

Maintenance and Support

Being responsible for proper performance of the delivered server rooms, First our features highly qualified technical support service. Choose the plan you consider suitable for your business needs and receive high-quality, timely and effective technical assistance to keep your server room up and running