First our IT services provider pays much attention at corporate data security, offering customers the most innovative solutions for protecting networks from viruses, hacker attacks, SPAM, and other threats. Our engineers create an integrated protection system that form safe environment for business operation and secured data flow. One of must-haves among such measures is corporate antivirus solutions.

Antivirus for Business

We partner with the best licensed antivirus providers of the world, offering a customer a range of products to choose from. It is highly recommended to follow recommendations of the specialists who can clearly define what antivirus your IT infrastructure requires for maximally effective protection. Modern enterprise antivirus solutions help to prevent malware infections of the entire IT system, securing each server and endpoint device alongside with data flow channels. You can protect the system on different levels within one single software tool. Modern antivirus software brings the following benefits:

  • High-quality malware protection;
  • Real-time guard of incoming traffic;
  • Constant anti-virus base update for maximal security;
  • Preventing data loss or unauthorized modification;
  • Deployment flexibility.


SPAM is another important problem in business data systems, being:

  • An additional source of malware and other hacker activity;
  • A consumer of memory storage and other system resources.